datasurfr is a product owned by one of the largest Asian Integrated Security and Risk Mitigation Solutions provider MitKat Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.

Having worked with more than 50 of the top 100 global corporations in over 25 countries across Asia-Pacific, Japan, China, Australia, Europe and the Americas, and many challenging environments in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, we now feel confident of bringing similar value to other customers – in business, government and non-government sectors.

It was with our desire and vision to see the intel, security and risk domain from a pragmatic, indigenous and hands-on perspective, that the idea of a homegrown and niche entrepreneurial venture germinated. We believed that the new age geo-political, socio-economic, environmental, technological and regulatory risks merited a fresh paradigm to de-risking – a business-focused, tech-enabled, predictive, process-based and cost-conscious approach, bringing to the fore military precision in planning and execution, with continual improvement as the fulcrum. The missionary zeal of Sam and the down-to-earth approach of Pawan saw the fruition of this dream into reality with the formation of MitKat in 2010.
We genuinely believed that the twin engines of Customers and Colleagues would drive our growth and progress. Technology would be needed to achieve scale; intimate knowledge of segments and geographies we operate in, would add real and lasting value. Agility would be required to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world with disruptive business models, and a complex, ambiguous and intensifying threat landscape.
The twin shock of the Pandemic and the resulting Global Economic Dislocation has given us an opportunity to accelerate our digital transformation and sharpen our technological edge. Happy and proud of our colleagues who have helped us accelerate and innovate, and of our customers who have remained steadfast and loyal. We now step into the new decade with renewed vigour and resolve to touch the sky and live our shared dreams through our work.

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