SPOC is assigned to every client so time can be saved in case of queries and requirements.

  • Detailed special reports and advisories for developing situations
  • Weekly, monthly & annual forecasts
  • Travel advisories for business travellers
  • Multimodal communication including email and WhatsApp
  • Risk reviews & region, country and city risk assessments

We have one of the largest teams of experts on tactical and operational risks hired from top colleges across the world. They are trained by military veterans and braised on day-to-day incidences while writing daily analyses on various events.

Service Quality

All our services are just one click, call or message away. And we take pride in providing world-class services with the best in industry turnaround times.

  • In-Depth Special Reports
  • Timely Updates
  • Travel Guidance
  • Thorough Risk Evaluation
  • Holistic Approach
  • Enhanced Preparedness
  • Holistic Approach
  • Diverse Communication Channels

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