Locations affected: Switzerland


Heavy rains and thunderstorms have led to the death of at least four people and triggered widespread flooding and landslides across Switzerland over the past week. The deluge began on 29th June, following another bout of severe weather on 23rd June, which caused substantial damage in the Misox valley.


A rapid rise in river water levels, notably the Rhone, caused by storms and melting snow, led to the widespread flooding. Scientists have attributed these extreme weather events to climate change.

So What:

  • The overflow of the Rhone River led to the evacuation of hundreds in Valais Canton and damage in the valleys near the river in Upper Valais. Three hundred people were evacuated in Peccia, and almost 70 were evacuated from a holiday camp in Mogno village.
  • A landslide in the Maggia Valley resulted in the deaths of three people.
  • The flooding has rendered several valleys in Switzerland inaccessible, causing debris flows, electricity disruptions, and multiple road closures.
  • Part of the Visletto road bridge collapsed due to heavy rainfall. Some sections of the A9 national highway are closed due to overflow from the Maggia and Vispa rivers in the Ticino and Valais cantons. Several mountain roads, including the Gotthard Pass, are temporarily closed. Local rail lines were also disrupted due to flooding.
  • Northern Italy was also affected by the storm and flooding. Eighty rescue operations were conducted in the Piedmont region of Italy, resulting in the evacuation of 120 people. Overflowing streams, storms, and landslides were reported in several villages in Valle D’Aosta, leading to the evacuation of around 200 people from Cogne.


Rescue operations are ongoing in multiple regions, but the weather has complicated efforts. According to the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology, flood risks are likely to persist for Lake Constance and the Rhone River. Switzerland’s President, Viola Amherd, has urged residents to remain vigilant and follow official instructions. Damage to power lines and transport infrastructure may cause further disruptions to electricity and travel. Flight delays are possible depending on weather conditions. Organizations are advised to stay updated on weather conditions and alerts through the official websites of Meteo Swiss (https://www.meteoswiss.admin.ch/) and the federal warning system Swissalert (https://www.alert.swiss/).

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