Affected locations: Bangladesh


Continuous heavy rainfall and mountain runoff have resulted in flooding in Sylhet and Sunamganj. More than 2,00,000 people were affected by the inundation reported in 13 upazilas (sub-unit of a district). The flooding has submerged multiple roads and homes and is the second wave of flooding in Sylhet within 20 days.


The activation of the monsoon season has led to rainfall in different parts of Bangladesh. Heavy downpour began in Sylhet on the night of 16th June. 135mm of rainfall was reported in Sylhet on 17th June. Additionally, Cherrapunji in India which neighbours Sylhet, received 395 mm of rainfall, leading to a rapid rise in water levels in Sylhet’s rivers.

So What:

  • As of 18th June, the Water Development Board reported that the water levels in six points of the Surma, Kushiyara, Sari, and Sari-Goain rivers in Sylhet are flowing above the danger level.
  • All low-lying areas of Sylhet have been submerged, with acute waterlogging reported in Shahjalal Upasahar, Dargah Mahalla, Kajalshah, Bagbari, and Pathantula. Gowainghat and Companiganj are the worst affected upazilas.
  • Parts of Airport Road, Sylhet-Tamabil Road, and Bangabir Road in South Surma also reported inundation, leading to disruptions in transport.
  • Low-lying areas in Sunamganj also reported inundation due to all major rivers flowing above danger levels.
  • The district administration has announced the closure of almost all tourist centers in Sylhet until further notice.
  • The power substation in the Barikandi area of South Surma is at risk of landslides and floods. Damage to the substation can result in a power outage to around 50,000 people in places like Sylhet Railway Station, Barikandi, Kamalbazar, Masukganj, Bcsic, Lalabazar, Shibbari and Kadamtali Central Bus Terminal.


The Meteorological department forecasts the continuation of heavy rainfall in the upcoming week, along with rain in Chittagong and Mymensingh. Rising levels of rivers and rainfall can prolong the flooding in Sylhet and Sunamganj. Transport disruptions are expected to continue due to submerged roads. Power outages can occur in case of damage to power substations. Residents are advised to move to shelters if affected by floods and inform local councillors for assistance. Organizations are advised to remain updated on the situation and prepare necessary contingency plans.

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