As per reports, widespread disruptions to public events, railway operations and roads are being witnessed in United Kingdom (UK), and several warnings have been issued by the Met Office as of Saturday (30 December):

• The Met Office has issued seven yellow weather warnings across for heavy rainfall, snowfall, and strong gusts of wind, covering areas such as Wales, Bristol, Edinburgh, Northern Ireland, London, and Southhampton. A large band of heavy rain is expected to move across Northern Ireland and Scotland, and Eastern and Southern England due too which the warnings will remain in place from till 0300 hours of Sunday (31 December).
• Eurostar trains and Southeastern services faced widespread cancellations of operation in the morning hours of Saturday (30 December) due to flooding, leaving over 16,000 passengers stranded. Huge commuter rush was witnessed at St. Pancras Station in Central London, and other stations such as Ebbsfleet in Kent. At least 20 Eurostar train services to and from Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels were cancelled.
• Train operations on the high-speed route, including the Channel Tunnel under the English Channel, remain curtailed until the end of Saturday (30 December). Two tunnels that run under the River Thames at Ebbsfleet station in Kent were closed due to flooding. The rail disruptions due to flooding have further exacerbated the previously scheduled operational cuts due to understaffing in the holiday season.
• Motorists have been advised to exercise caution while driving in Met Eireann in County Donegal, and in the counties of Leitrim and Sligo, due to ice and snow accumulation on roads and highways.
• The Kingsway Tunnel on A59, also called the Wallasey Tunnel, in Liverpool was closed for repair works due to storm damage. Temporary closures of the A59 from the Tunnel to the M53 resulted in traffic gridlocks on Saturday (30 December) morning. Gridlock warnings due to storms were also issued for the M1, M25 and M4-M5 interchange in Bristol.
• Speed restrictions have been issued on the West Highland Rail Lines in Scotland till 0900 hours of Sunday (31 December).
• Flights and Ferries in the South, East Anglia and Wales have been told to remain on alert and cancel operations for safety reasons in case gusts of wind escalate in speed. Currently, wind gusts of upto 72-80 kilometers per hour have been forecast, however they may rise upto 120 kilometers per hour.
• A total of 32 flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency covering parts of the River Ouse and the River Severn. Warnings also remain in place for Hampton Loade and Highley, Ironbridge and Jackfield, and parts of Quatford as of Saturday (30 December). In each of these rivers or embankments, water levels have exceeded the flood limit by between 0.5 to over 1.5 meters.


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