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As per reports, a senior Israel Defense Forces spokesman has indicated that the military offensive in Gaza could last throughout 2024, with forces preparing for prolonged fighting.

Tensions in the Middle East were raised as US helicopters exchanged fire with Iran-backed Houthi crews in small boats in the Red Sea, after they received distress calls from a commercial containership. The US helicopters sank three boats.

• The Red Crescent aid organisation announced that that it established the first organized camp for displaced people in the city of Khan Younis. It has been set up with around 300 people mostly aid workers, ambulance crews and other personnel and their families the organisation and there are plans to expand it to 1000 people.
• The Israeli military has announced plans to begin pulling thousands of soldiers from Gaza as part of their repositioning for a long-term conflict.
• The death toll in Gaza was nearing 22000 and some 70 percent of the fatalities are women and children, a Gaza Ministry of Health spokesperson reported on Monday (01 January).
• Three Qatari planes carrying 135 tons of aid have landed at Egypt’s Al-Arish Airport on Monday (01 January).
• At least 32 people have been arrested in the occupied West Bank as of Monday (01 January). The arrests were concentrated in the town of Qatana/Jerusalem.
• Sirens were sounded in central and southern Israel as Hamas’ military-wing the Qassam brigades stated that it had launched a barrage of rockets onto Tel Aviv on Monday (01 January).


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