As per reports, around 56 people have been reported dead, several injured and missing, while the rescue operations are ongoing. Several are feared trapped under collapsed structures. This is following a significant 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck near the Noto Peninsula, roughly 300 km (190 miles) from Tokyo, on Monday (01 January).

As per the Japan Meteorological Agency, no tsunami warning is in effect as of now on Wednesday (03 January) but aftershocks are to be expected for the next few days. Local residents of the coastal areas are instructed not to return to their homes yet. Around 3,000-strong rescue crew of army personnel, firefighters and police officers have been sent to the quake site on the Noto peninsula while rescue operations are hindered by damaged and blocked roads. Around 500 passengers are reported stranded on the Noto Airport which will remain closed until Thursday (04 January).


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