As per reports, New York City officials warned people to be on high alert between Saturday and Sunday (30 and 31 December), with about one million revelers set to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square on Sunday (31 December).

• A law enforcement bulletin warned of a likely ‘heightened threat of violence’ through the New Year holidays, particularly at large gatherings, by lone actors. There are concerns about the use of online platforms to express threats of violence against Jewish, Muslim, and Arab communities, as well as committing simple, unsophisticated attacks that are difficult to detect in advance.
• The New York Police Department announced that there were no specific, credible threats to New York City. However, there have been around 500 protests in the city since the Israel-Hamas war started in October, adding a level to safety concerns.
• The Federal Bureau of Investigation and New York Police Department will set up a large command center to monitor potential threats, including demonstrations and bomb threats, amid an enhanced security perimeter around the Times Square in New York City on Sunday (31 December).
• The full security advisory can be found here: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vAGRvYldZjGl.


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