As per reports, a new three-day strike is scheduled for teachers and support staff in Morocco between Wednesday (03 January) and Friday (05 January).

• The unified coordination of teaching staff and support frameworks, along with the national coordination for the education sector comprising 22 coordination groups, is organizing this strike.
• Additionally, the National Coordination for Teachers of Qualifying Secondary Education plans a national strike for Wednesday and Thursday (03 and 04 January), with regional protests scheduled for Thursday (04 January).
• The National Coordination of Professors (Academies Supervisors) has also announced a three-day national strike from Wednesday to Friday (03 to 05 January).
• A protest march is also scheduled to take place in Rabat.
• Initial estimates indicate that 30 percent of public school teachers were taking part in the strike. However, it is unclear how many will continue to strike as the government has already announced a two-tranche salary raise since 27 December.


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