According to reports, Taiwan experienced increased road and rail traffic on Friday (12 January) as residents returned to their hometowns to vote in the presidential and legislative elections. Many Taiwanese, despite living in major cities, are registered as residents in remote villages or on small islands.

• The Taiwan Railway Corporation (TRC) estimated up to 758,000 passengers per day between Friday-Monday (12-15 January) surpassing the numbers from the 2020 presidential elections and the 2022 local elections.
• TRC has added 83 train services, with 53 percent of tickets sold. Road traffic saw a five percent increase compared to an average Friday evening, with Saturday expected to be three percent higher than other Saturdays.
• One organization initiated special bus services, supported by donations, to transport young and first-time voters home for TWD 113 (USD 3.63). The initiative covered 27 stops, 50 bus routes, and two ferry journeys, aiming for at least 1,200 passengers.


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