As per reports, inclement weather conditions in Kazakhstan, including strong winds, snow storms and avalanche warnings have led to disruptions across parts of the country:

• Strong winds caused power supply disruptions in the villages of Akshi, Leker, Karatomar and Aksan in the Bayanaul district of Pavlodar region; winds gusting at approximately 100 kilometers per hour tore power lines. Repair works are currently underway. The Kazakh Meteorological Agency has issued warnings for snowstorms and strong lashing winds in the region on Saturday (30 December).
• Avalanche warnings have been issued across the mountain slopes in the Almaty region. Local authorities have asked citizens to avoid travelling near 55 designated avalanche hazard sites.
• At least 27 flights at the Astana International Airport (NQZ) were either delayed or cancelled due to poor weather and unsafe flight conditions. Warnings have been issued in Astana on Saturday (30 December) for ground blizzards, ice-slick, winds of 54-72 kilometers per hour, gusting upto 100 kilometers per hour.
• The Akmola region is anticipated to face blizzards and ice-slick, with winds of 54-72 kilometers per hour, gusting upto 100 kilometers per hour, on Saturday and Sunday (30-31 December).
• The Kostanay, Abai, Karaganda, Ulytau regions are also anticipated to witness blizzards, slick roads, and strong winds on Saturday (30 December).
• Heavy precipitations are forecast for East Kazakhstan, along with snowstorms and ice-slick on Saturday (30 December).
• Slippery roads, ground blizzards, strong winds are anticipated in the Aktobe region over Saturday and Sunday (30-31 December).
• Heavy snow, ground blizzards, and strong winds are anticipated in the Zhambyl and Zhetysu regions on Saturday (30 December).
• The Mangistau, and other West Kazakhstan regions are anticipated to have fog on Saturday and Sunday (30-31 December).


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