As per reports, on Monday (15 January), the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued standard operating procedures for airlines amid flight delays and cancellations at the Delhi Airport due to the prevailing fog conditions.

• Accordingly, airlines may cancel flights, sufficiently in advance, such flights that are anticipated to be delayed or consequentially delayed on account of such conditions beyond a period of 03 hours with a view to obviate congestion at the airport and mitigate passenger inconvenience.
• The directive instructs airlines to provide precise real-time updates on flight delays caused by fog. The aviation regulator emphasised that this information must be made available on the airline’s website and also shared with passengers through SMS, WhatsApp, and email.
• The DGCA stated that it implemented the Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) to guarantee adequate safeguards for air travellers in the event of flight disruptions. This includes instances such as denied boardings, flight cancellations, and delays occurring without proper notice to passengers.


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