As per reports, Finland and Sweden recorded the coldest temperatures of the winter season Tuesday (02 January) as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius (minus 40 Fahrenheit) as a cold wave affected the Nordic region.

• Cold and snow disrupted transportation throughout the region, including in Norway where a major highway in the south was closed due to the weather and ferry lines suspended operations.
• Swedish train operators stated that the cold snap caused substantial problems for rail traffic in the Arctic north.
• In Norway, officials in the southern cities of Kristiansand and Arendal set up crisis management teams to handle the deluge, as did the smaller coastal community of Risør after nearly 70 centimeters had fallen by Monday (01 January) afternoon.
• International ferry services between Larvik and Kristiansand in Norway and Hirtshals in north Jutland, Denmark were not sailing because of the weather through Tuesday (02 January).
• By Tuesday (02 January) afternoon most municipalities along the coast including Kristiansand, Lillesand, Tvedestrand, Risør, and Arendal had decided to keep schools closed at least through Wednesday (03 January) because of the weather conditions as well as due to delays in sidewalk clearing operations.
• Additionally, reports indicate the shutdown of local train lines including Arendalsbanen, portions of Sørlandsbanen and Vestfoldbanen farther north through Tuesday (02 January). Travel disruptions were also reported along E18 highway near Grimstad and E134 highway over Haukeli.
• In Finland, passengers who were travelling by Helsinki bound trains from Rovaniemi and Tampere and Oulu bound trains from Turku faced significant delays through Tuesday (02 January) due to weather led disruptions.
• In Denmark, a number of ferry services have been suspended on north and east Jutland since Tuesday (02 January) afternoon. Those include the ferry from Aarhus to the port of Sælvig on the island of Samsø. The suspension may be extended until Thursday (04 January). Another Samsø ferry connection, to Hou, is likely to operate through Wednesday (03 January).
• Further, National rail operator Danske Statsbaner (DSB- Danish State Railways) will operate fewer services between Aarhus and Aalborg on Wednesday (03 January), due to the snow. The faster Lyntog service will be suspended, with the slower hourly intercity service continuing to run.
• The DBS officials also stated that through Wednesday (03 January) the InterCityLyn trains have been canceled between Fredericia and Aalborg Airport and the regional trains are canceled between Fredericia and Aarhus H.


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