Crises present organizations with complex challenges and, possibly, opportunities with far-reaching consequences. ISO 22361:2022 provides guidance on crisis management to help organizations plan, establish, maintain, review & continually improve a strategic crisis management capability.


The Principles for Crisis Management have been clearly laid out in ISO 22361:2022: 

Governance – the need for clearly understood structures, roles, responsibilities & competence 
Strategy – Leadership, clear objectives, allocated resource 
– Risk Management – an acute awareness of risk & ability to assess & respond appropriately 
– Decision Making – based on sound info 
Communication accurate, credible & timely info to interested parties 
Ethics – response should be driven by an organization’s core values and ethical expectations 
Learning – exercise, training & learning through experience 

To ensure the crisis management capability has the desired outcome, the organization should provide:  

– Committed Leadership 
– Structures (funding, communications, relationships & linkages, equipment, facilities, info management, principles, processes & procedures)                         
– Supportive Culture (values, ethics, code of conduct)                                   
– Competent Personnel (knowledge, skills and attitude, flexible thinking) 

An organization’s crisis management capability will be influenced by its relationship with other interdependent areas: risk management, business continuity, infosec, physical security, safety, civil protection, incident response & emergency management. 

It specifically highlights the importance of training senior management to deal with the crisis: “The strategic crisis management training provided by the organization should address the ability to improvise, innovate & should be flexible when a situation is not addressed by current plans.”

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