Affected location: France Event date: 25 January

What is the cause of farmers protest in France?

French farmers protest across the country to press the government to ease its drive for lower consumer prices and loosen environmental regulations. The southwestern Occitanie region has been the starting point of the mobilization, with blockades gradually spreading to other regions north of Paris and in Brittany. The powerful FNSEA farmers’ union has announced actions all this week and beyond if the government failed to respond to its demands.

French Farmers Protest January 2024 - MitKat Advisory - datasurfr
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Why are the farmers protesting now?

Farming policy has long been a sensitive issue in France, the European Union’s biggest agricultural producer, with thousands of independent producers of wine, meat, and dairy. Current protests are being organized by farmer unions to protest unfair prices, taxes, and water shortages, and demand easing of the government’s drive for lower consumer prices and reduction of environmental regulations.

Important Points

  • · A blockade of the A75 near the Buisson interchange and the Ibos, Semeac, Lannemezan, and Capvern highways in Hautes-Pyrenees will continue. The traffic diversions and roadblocks can cause severe travel delays and congestion.
  • · Significant traffic disruptions are expected in Bas-Rhine from 24-25 January. Disruptions are also anticipated in places like Brittany, Gers, Toulouse, Auch, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, Bayonne, Lyon and Bordeaux. Traffic jams are expected on the M35, the portion of A35 located in Strasbourg, N38 and N4. The disruptions are also likely on the A7 motorway in south-east France as it was blocked by tractors and lorries. Blockades on A4, which connects Strasbourg and Paris, will result in major disruptions for travelers traveling between the two cities. Other motorways across France, including A61, A35, N165, A64, etc, are also likely to be blocked by farmers protest.
  • · Travel delays for commercial vehicles are also anticipated. Taxi drivers in Toulouse joined the strike on 24 January in support of the farmers, which can increase the traffic disruptions in the area. Increased pressure on train and metro services is likely. It is advised to avoid non-essential travel and remain updated regarding the traffic diversions.
  • · Protests near government institutions cannot be ruled out. Heightened security measures are anticipated to avoid major public disruptions and escalation protests.

Outlook on the current French Farmers Protest:

The National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA) unveiled a list of 24 demands on 24 January, which included emergency measures, renumeration and legislative measures. A government response is expected by 26 January. The demonstrations by farmers in France are likely to continue until a resolution is achieved. Major traffic routes across the country are likely to be blocked, resulting in severe travel delays and disruptions. Organizations are advised to remain updated regarding the traffic diversions and restrictions imposed by authorities and prepare contingency plans.

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