Locations Affected: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Romania

What: Countries across Europe, including France, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Romania, are witnessing protests by farmers against falling incomes and rising imports. Various unions across the European countries, including the FNSEA in France, Algemeen Boerensyndicaat (ABS, General Farmers Syndicate) in Belgium, and Asaja in Spain, have called for demonstrations.

Why: There is widespread discontent among farmers across Europe against low prices, European Union (EU) agricultural regulations, and unfair competition from cheap imports.

So What:

  • · Farmers blocked more roads across Belgium, France, and Italy on 31 January as they sought to disrupt trade at major ports and other economic lifelines.
  • · Traffic in capitals from Berlin to Paris, Brussels, and Rome is likely to witness severe disruption if the protests drag on.
  • · Commercial trade and supply chain disruption is also likely to be impacted if protectors block the important ports and airports.
  • · Farmers plan to protest outside EU headquarters in Belgium during a summit of government leaders on 01 February. Heightened security measures and travel disruptions are expected.
  • · Spanish farmers were also set to add their weight to the protests. Three main Spanish farming associations agreed to begin protests in the coming weeks.
  • · While protests have so far been largely peaceful, there is a possibility of violence. Organizations are advised to remain updated regarding traffic disruptions and planned protests.

Outlook: The ongoing mobilization of farmers across various European countries is expected to persist until a resolution addressing their demands is reached. These protests are occurring in the lead-up to the European Parliament elections scheduled for June. Notably, the far-right, acknowledging the growing importance of farmers as a constituency, is predicted to make substantial gains in the upcoming elections.

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