Palakhi yatra (pilgrimage) is an annual Maharashtrian event that is conducted once every year around June/July. It involves carrying the paduka or footprint of religious leaders – Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Saint Tukaram Maharaj on a palakhi (palanquin) from their respective shrines to Pandharpur, in Solapur district (450 Km from Pune). Warkaris (devotees) in large numbers (approximately four-five lakhs) travel from all corners of Maharashtra and neighbouring states to participate in the event.

The event is celebrated in Hindu calendar’s Ashadha month (June-July). In 2023, the pilgrimage is set to begin on 10 June at Dehu, the birthplace of Saint Tukaram Maharaj. The pilgrimage will continue for nearly 19 days before finally ending upon reaching the Vitthal-Rukmini temple at Pandharpur on 29 June. For the same reason, the Palakhi event is also known as Pandharpur Wari / Ekadashi Pandharpur Wari or Ashadi Ekadashi Wari.

Possible Disruptions

Palakhi Yatra

Traffic Restrictions

For Saint Tukaram Maharaj Palakhi Procession

Pune city Restrictions for 12 June

Roads ClosedAlternate Routes
Bopodi Chowk to Khadki BazarChurch Chowk via internal road
Church ChowkBhau Patil Road via Bremen Chowk Aundh
Poultry Farm ChowkOpposite Railway Police Headquarters Aundh Road Bremen Chowk
Mula Road to Kamal Nayan Bajaj Udyan ChowkInternal road to be used
Church Chowk to Engineering College Chowk- old Mumbai-Pune highwayBopodi Chowk to Pune-Mumbai highway bound commuters to avail Bhau Patil Road via Aundh Road to Bremen Chowk
RTO to Engineering College ChowkRTO Chowk – Shahir Amar Sheikh Chowk – Kumbhar Ves Chowk or RTO Chowk – Jahangir Chowk via Ambedkar Setu to Gunjan
RTO to Engineering College ChowkParnakuti Chowk-Bundgarden Bridge-Mahatma Gandhi Chowk
Click on – https://goo.gl/maps/4jJrsPGYMURkLSGh6 for live traffic updates,
transit points, alternate routes and satellite map of entire Pune City.
palakhi yatra2

Pune Rural

  • Vehicles from Pune to Solapur have to take the Wagholi-Kesanand-RahuPargaon-Chaufula route and traffic from Solapur to Pune will be redirected through the Chauphula-Pargaon-Rahu-Kesanand-Wagholi route from 0200-1200 hours on 15 June.
  • Vehicles from Pune to Solapur will undertake the Theur Phata-Kesanand-Rahu-Pargaon-Nhavre-Kashti-Daund-Kurkumbh route and vehicles from Solapur to Pune will be directed through the Kurkumbh-Daund-Kashti-Nhaware-Pargaon-Rahu-Kesanand-Wagholi route.
  • Vehicles from Pune to Solapur will undertake the Chauphula-Pargaon-Nhavre-Kashti-Daund-Kurkumbh route and those from Solapur to Pune will be diverted via the Kurkumbh-Daund-Kashti-Nhaware-Pargaon-Chaufula-Wagholi-Pune route.
  • The Baramati to Patas and Baramati to Daund roads will be closed from 0200-1200 hours on 18 June. Vehicles from Baramati will use the Bhigwan-Solapur-Pune highway.
  • The junction to Baramati road will be closed to traffic on 19 June from 0200-1200 hours. Traffic from Walchandnagar and Indapur will be diverted to Baramati-Ashti via Kalas from the junction and traffic from Baramati to other locations will move towards the Kalas Junction via Bhigwan.
  • Vehicles from Baramati to Indapur will be offered two alternative routes from 0200 hours on 20 June to 1200 hours on 22 June – Baramati-Kalamb-Bawda-Indapur or Baramati-Bhigwan-Indapur.
  • Likewise, vehicles from Indapur to Baramati may use either Indapur-BawdaKalamb-Baramati route or Indapur-Bhigwan-Baramati route.
  • Traffic from Nimgaon Ketki to Indapur will be closed from 0200-1200 hours on 22 June. Vehicles from Indapur to Baramati will be directed via Loni Deokar-Kalas Junction or Loni-Deokar-Bhigwan route to reach Baramati.
  • Traffic from Akluj to Baramati will be rerouted via Akluj-Bawda-Natepute and Indapur main highway should be used to travel to Baramati and Pune from Akluj from 0400-2000 hours on 23 June.
  • Traffic on the Indapur to Akluj road will be completely closed on 24 June from 0200-1200 hours and on 25 June from 0200-1200 hours. Diversions will be placed via Indapur-Hingangaon-Temburni-Ganeshgaon-Malinagar-Akluj route and Akluj-Natepute-Walchandnagar-Junction-Bhigwan route.

For Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Route

Pune City Restrictions for 12 June

Roads ClosedAlternate Routes
Kalas Fata to Bopkhel Fata, Vishrantwadi ChowkDhanori and Internal Road
Mental Hospital Corner to Alandi Road JunctionDhanori and Internal Road
Sadalbaba Dargah to Patil Estate RoadParnakuti Chowk-Gunjan Chowk -Jail Road-Vishrantwadi Chowk
Chandrama Chowk to Alandi RoadInternal roads to be used
New Ambedkar Setu to Chandran Chowk BandhInternal roads to be used
Holkar Bridge to Chandrama ChowkInternal roads to be used
Holkar Bridge to Sapras ChowkiInternal roads to be used
Click on – https://goo.gl/maps/4jJrsPGYMURkLSGh6 for live traffic updates,
transit points, alternate routes and satellite map of entire Pune City.

Pune Rural

  • Except for essential vehicles, heavy vehicles and four wheelers suspended in Alandi from 07-12 June.
  • Vehicles traveling from Pune to Alandi will be diverted via Bhosari through Magazine Chowk.
  • Vehicles from Moshi-Dehu will be stopped at the Dudulgaon checkpoint, while those coming from Chakan will be halted at Alandi Phata.
  • Traffic from Vadgaon Ghenand-Shelpimpalgaon will be blocked at Koyali Phata.
  • Vehicles from the Markal Industrial Area will be stopped at Charholi Bypass at Dhanore Phata.
  • Vehicles from Chimbli Kelgaon will be halted at Chimbli Phata.
  • Traffic from Pune to Saswad via Dive Ghat and Bopdev Ghat will be completely suspended from 1400 hours on 14 Juneto 1200 hours on 16 June.
  • Traffic will be rerouted via Khadimachine Chowk – Katraj – Kapurhol. Traffic from Saswad side will be directed to Pune via Garade-Khed Shivapur.
  • Commuters travelling to Saswad-Jejuri-Valhe-Nira from Pune has to take the Nira-Pune route through Zendevadi-Pargaon Memane-Supe-MorgaonNeera from 1400 hours on 16 June 16 to 1200 hours on 17 June.
  • Traffic from Pune to Saswad-Jejuri-Valhe-Nira and from Nira to Pune will be diverted via Saswad-Jejuri-Morgaon from 0200-1700 hours on 18 June.
  • Traffic from Phaltan-Lonand to Pune and from Pune to Phaltan-Lonand will be rerouted via Shirwal from 16-18 June.
palakhi yatra3

Common Traffic Restrictions for both the Processions

Roads ClosedAlternate Routes
Ganesh Khind Road – Rangehill Chowk to Sancheti ChowkRange Hills – Khadki Police Station Underpass – Poultry Chowk – Old Mumbai-Pune Highway or Range
Hills – Senapati Bapat Road – Nal Stop Chowk
Fergusson Road – Khandojibaba Chowk to Veer Chafekar ChowkKhandojibaba Chowk – Karve Road – Senapati Bapat Road
Shivaji Road – Gadgil Statue to SG Barve MargGadgil Statue – Kumbharves Chowk – RTO Chowk
Veer Chafekar Chowk to Wakdewadi SubwayPoultry Farm Chowk, Rangehill Road, or Aundh Road
Modern College Road – Deccan Traffic Division to Thopte Path ChowkGhole Road and Apte Road
Kumbhar Ves Chowk to Gadgil Putla Chowk and Maldhakka to Shahir Amar Sheikh ChowkKumbhar Ves – Pavle Chowk – Phadke Houd Chowk or Maldhakka Chowk – Narpatgir Chowk – 15 August Chowk – Kamla Nehru Hospital
Parking Restricts – Parking prohibited upto 100 meters on both sides of the roads.

Click on – https://goo.gl/maps/4jJrsPGYMURkLSGh6 for live traffic updates,
transit points, alternate routes and satellite map of entire Pune

Areas That May Witness Disruptions

Click on the area names to directly locate on Google Maps

Schedule and Route for Saint Tukaram Maharaj Palakhi Procession

Date and DayDay scheduleNight schedule
Saturday (10 June)Starts from DehuReaches Imamdar Wada.
Sunday (11 June)Reaches Shri Akurdi vitthal TempleHalts at Akurdi Vitthal Temple
Monday (12 June)Leaves Akurdi Vitthal temple for Nivdungya Vithoba temple at Nana Peth (Pune)Halts at Nana Peth (Pune)
Tuesday (13 June)Full day rest in Pune cityHalts at Pune City
Wednesday (14 June)Starts from Nana Peth
Reaches Loni Kalbhor and halts at Shri Vitthal Temple
Thursday (15 June)Leaves Loni Kalbhor for Yavat villageHalts at Shri Bhairavnath Temple, Yavat
Friday (16 June)Leaves from Yavat village to reach VarvandReaches Varvand and halts at Shri Vitthal Temple, Varvand
Saturday (17 June)Starts from Shri Vitthal Temple, VarvandReaches Undawadi village
Sunday (18 June)Leaves Undawadi villageHalts at Baramati Sharda School premises
Monday (19 June)Starts from Baramati Sharda School PremisesHalts at Shri Maruti temple, Sansar village
Tuesday (20 June)Starts from Sansar to reach Aanthurne village via BelwadiHalts at Aanthurne village
Wednesday (21 June)Starts from Aanthurne villageHalts at Nimgaon Ketki
Date and DayDay scheduleNight schedule
Thursday (22 June)Leaves Nimgaon Ketki to reach Indapur. The ritual “Ringan” (circular movement by devotees and horses) is performed at IndapurHalts at Indapur
Friday (23 June)Full day rest at IndapurHalts at Sarati
Saturday (24 June)Starts from SaratiHalts at Akluj Mane Vidhyalaya
Sunday (25 June)Departs from Akluj Mane VidhyalayaHalts at Pirachi Kuroli Village, Solapur
Monday (26 June)Departs from BoargaonHalts at Shri Bhairavnath Temple, Yavat
Tuesday (27 June)Starts from Pirachi Kuroli VillageHalts at Wakhri Village
Wednesday (28 June)Departs from WakhriReaches Sant Tukaram Maharaj Temple, Pandharpur
Thursday (29 June)Full-day rest and celebration in PandharpurThe devotees hold circumambulation around Pandharpur, and the pilgrimage will conclude on Thursday (29 June)
palki yatra3

Schedule and Route for Saint Dnyaneshwar Palakhi Procession

Date and DayDay scheduleNight schedule
Sunday (11 June)Starts at 1600 hours from Darshan Mandap in AlandiOvernight stay at Gandhiva, Darshan Mandap, Alandi Institute
Monday (12 June)Departs from AlandiArrives at Palakhi Vithobha Temple, Bhawanipeth, Pune
Tuesday (13 June)Full day rest in Pune cityHalts at Pune City
Wednesday (14 June)Departs from PuneArrives by evening in Saswad
Thursday (15 June)Full-day rest and celebration in SaswadOvernight stay in Saswad
Friday (16 June)Leaves Saswad for the town of JejuriOvernight halt at Jejuri
Saturday (17 June)Leaves from Jejuri for Walhe VillageOvernight stay at Walhe Village
Sunday (18 June)Leaves from Walhe village to town of LonandOvernight stay at Lonand
Monday (19 June)Full day halt at LonandOvernight stay at Lonand
Tuesday (20 June)Starts from Lonand towards Overnight halt at Taradgaon TaradgaonOvernight stay at Taradgaon
Wednesday (21 June)Starts from Taradgaon to Phaltan AirportHalts at Phaltan Airport
Thursday (22 June)Departs from Phaltan AirportArrives by evening in Barad
Friday (23 June)Leaves Barad and heads towards NateputeOvernight halt at Natepute
Saturday (24 June)Departs from Natepute and heads towards MalshriasHalts at Malshiras
Sunday (25 June)Starts from MalshirasArrives in Velapur village
Monday (26 June)Departs from Velapur for Bhandishegaon, outskirts of PandharpurHalts at Bhandishegaon
Tuesday (27 June)Departs from BhandishegaonHalts at Wakhri Village
Wednesday (28 June)Departs from Wakhari to Pandharpur properHalts at Pandharpur
Thursday (29 June)Full-day rest and celebration in PandharpurDevotees gather and offer prayers followed by circumambulation of the city
image 050

Itinerary for the Arena Ceremonies

Palanquin of Sant Tukaram Maharaj –

Palanquin of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj –

Palakhi Yatra 5


For Organizations

  • Advised to undertake flexible working arrangements to minimize the impact of operational disruptions.
  • In case employees are required to travel through Alandi between 07-12 June, organizations are advised to get travel pass issued from the concerned authority.
  • MitKat advises offering transportation facilities to employees who need to travel through the tenure of the event.
  • There is a possibility of commotion, communal disorder, and heightened security deployment around Pune city due to the event. Organizations are advised to remain vigilant and undertake suitable mitigation measures.
  • It is also advised to map out alternate routes of supply chains while keeping extra stock in case of any contingency.

For Individuals

  • Commuters travelling to and through the aforementioned areas are advised to have alternate routes mapped and cater for extra travel time.
  • Religious sentiments are at its peak during such events, and it is advised to not engage in debates pertaining to identity politics or share unverified posts and/or messages on social media platforms.
  • Those commuting through the impacted areas, women employees especially, are advised to remain vigilant and practice due diligence.
  • Employees who need to travel are advised to avail office transportation facilities through the tenure of the event.
  • Given that cases of snatching and pickpocketing tends to increase during festivals and near crowded areas, MitKat advises commuters to remain extra careful of belongings and avoid carrying large amounts of cash or wearing heavy jewelleries.
  • In case travelling in personal vehicle, advised to close the car windows and properly lock the doors.
image 054

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