Cambodia is preparing for Senate elections on 25 February, a crucial event as senators oversee laws passed by the National Assembly, playing a key role in governance. With campaigning currently underway since 10 February and continuing until 23 February, over 15,000 security personnel are deployed across the country. However, recent arrests of opposition members have raised concerns about the electoral process. The National Election Committee (NEC) has urged all parties to prioritise stability and safety during campaigns.

While the Senate elections, held every six years, are non-general as ordinary citizens do not participate directly, political demonstrations and rallies
scheduled leading up to the elections are of concern. For instance, during a campaign rally by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) on 10 February, approximately 10,000 supporters took to the streets in Phnom Penh, causing localised travel disruptions. Amidst these developments, it is imperative for the businesses operating in Cambodia to stay informed about potential security issues affecting operations.

Important Information at Glance:

Election DateTimeLast Day of Electoral Campaign
25 February0700 to 1500 hours23 February
  • Senate Seats: The Senate has 62 seats, but the vote will be held for 58 seats only. Two senators will be appointed by Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni, and two others by the National Assembly.
  • Participating Parties:
    • Cambodian People’s Party
    • The Khmer Will Party
    • The Nation Power Party
    • The Funcinpec Party
  • Results: Ballot counting, and announcement of provisional Senate Election. results will take place at the polling stations after conclusion of voting on 25 February.

Voting Arrangements:

  • Polling Stations: Voting will be held at 33 polling stations across eight regions nationwide.
  • Who can vote: 11,747 Commune councillors and 123 incumbent Members of the National Assembly.
  • Who is allowed to enter polling stations: Election and counting ballot officials appointed by the NEC, agents of political parties approved by the NEC, observers with ID cards provided by the NEC, journalists with NECissued ID cards, commune councillors, those accompanying electors with disabilities, and election security agents.

Security Arrangements:

  • More than 15,724 personnel have been deployed nationwide to provide security and maintain order.
  • About 228 observers including 39 women from the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), the Khmer Will Party (KWP), Funcinpec, and the National Power Party (NPP) will observe the election process.
  • The Ministry of Interior has warned against any form of intimidation by political parties and called on all eligible electors to fully exercise their rights in the Senate Election.
  • Enhanced security measures including CCTV will be implemented around polling stations to ensure the safety of voters and election officials.
  • Close monitoring of potential security threats, including civil unrest or protests.
  • Authorities may impose temporary traffic diversions around polling stations to facilitate the smooth flow of voters and ensure public safety.



  • Since security becomes a concern during elections, it is advised to offer transportation facilities to employees (especially, female employees) a few days after the polls.
  • Unscheduled blackouts or power outages cannot be ruled out, advised to arrange for adequate backups.
  • The threat of cybersecurity risks runs high during elections period, therefore, run a thorough check of all systems and update all software.
  • Considering the extensive security arrangements, supply chain disruptions cannot be ruled out. Advised to plan for delays while confirming or placing orders.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secured at the end of each business day in order to minimise the impact of any sudden act of violence or vandalism.
  • If operating near a polling booth, have an emergency exit plan in place. Ensure that exits are clear and visibly marked for all and undertake simulations involving all employees.
  • It is also recommended to arrange for a strict entry-exit policy into the office premises for the week succeeding the election day.
  • It is also advised to run a security check of all the physical facilities, flammable items, CCTVs, electronic appliances, and conduct fire safety audits.
  • Organisations should encourage employees to take the time to verify the authenticity of calls, emails, and text messages before communicating sensitive information.


  • Advised to remain vigilant of your surroundings and inform the local authorities in case any suspicious object or activity is located.
  • Advised to not spread or react to rumours. Rely on official or credible sources of information.
  • Elaborate security checks at airports may lead to congestion and operational delays. Commuters are advised to reach airports well in advance (three hours in advance for inbound flights and four hours for international flights).
  • Given that authorities tend to strengthen security checks during elections, it is advised to carry proper identity proofs when stepping outside. If availing private or personal vehicles, carry essential vehicle documents as well.
  • Advised to avoid making sensitive comments both in public discussion and social media platforms during elections. Advised to carry a portable charger when going out and ensure that cellular phones are adequately charged and have enough balance for making calls.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy, on speed-dial as well as in writing.
  • Ensure that personal vehicles are serviced and have adequate fuel.
  • MitKat advises to steer clear of protest sites and remain vigilant of situational updates.

Emergency Contact Details:

Contact 5
  • Police: 117
  • Fire Department: 118
  • Medical Emergencies/Ambulance: 119
  • Tourist Police (English-speaking): 012 942 484 / 012 999 841
  • Traffic Accident Hotline: 012 942 484 / 012 999 841
  • Search and Rescue Cambodia (SAR): 012 777 880 / 012 964 354
  • For any election related concerns, contact the National Election Committee (NEC):

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