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As per reports, winter storm warnings are active in parts of the US on Friday (19 January).

• Anticipated adverse weather conditions in the form of a winter storm, characterized by significant snowfall and high wind gusts, have led to the declaration of a State of Emergency across all counties in West Virginia on Thursday (18 January). According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the storm is projected to commence on Thursday (18 January) and extend through the weekend. Predictions indicate a snow accumulation ranging between four to eight inches, with variability in certain areas ranging from two to 12 inches.
• The NWS has issued a winter weather advisory covering the period from 0400 hours (local time) to 2200 hours (local time) on Friday (19 January) for Northampton and Lehigh counties in Pennsylvania, Warren County in New Jersey, and the adjacent areas. The Lehigh Valley is expected to experience its second winter storm of the week, with projections indicating a minimum of three inches of snowfall across most of the region and a potential accumulation of up to six inches in certain areas on Friday (19 January).
• Snowfall is anticipated to commence as early as Thursday (18 January) night in Chicago, with accumulating snow extending into the interior Northeast and central Appalachians by Friday (19 January) morning.
• Moderate to heavy rainfall anticipated in the regions across Tennessee, Washington, DC, New York, and Philadelphia through Friday (19 January). Philadelphia is expected to receive between four and six inches of snowfall on Friday (19 January).
• Cold temperatures are expected across the north-central US on Thursday (18 January) and progress across the central and eastern US by Friday (19 January) afternoon. Extreme wind chills are projected in the central US on Friday (19 January).
• Yellow snowfall warning of up to three inches of snowfall has been issued for New Jersey through Friday (19 January).
• Cold weather expected to persist across Texas through Friday (19 January).


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