As per reports, the Aqueduct and Sewerage Company of Bogotá announces scheduled infrastructure enhancement works in various localities to minimize potential disruptions caused by major damages to pipes or water supply accessories. As part of these efforts, temporary water suspensions will occur on Wednesday (03 January).

• There will be a power outage in several areas of Suba from 2000 hours (local time) to midnight. This includes The Plan, School of Carabineros, White House Suba I, Suba Cerros, Gilmar, and White House (between Carrera 74 and Carrera 80, and between 152nd and 170th Streets). The reason for the outage is the installation of macrometers.
• Additionally, there will be another power outage in a different part of Suba on Thursday (04January), starting at 1000 hours (local time) and lasting for 24 hours. The affected areas are San Cayetano, El Rincón Norte, Ttes de Colombia, Villa Elisa, and Aures (between Carrera 91 and Carrera 100 Bis, and between Calle 128C and Calle 135A). The reason for this outage is the tying of aqueduct networks.


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