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As per reports, Israel has withdrawn five army brigades namely, the 460th Armored Brigade, the 261st Brigade, the 828th Brigade, the 14th Reserve Armored Brigade and the 551st Reserve Paratroopers Brigade, from the Gaza Strip. The demobilization is reportedly due to a decrease in rocket fire from the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, which according to the Israeli army has decreased from 75 rockets a day to 14.

On Sunday (31 December), the US sunk three Houthi boats and killed those aboard after coming under fire, marking the first occasion since tensions broke out earlier this year that the US has killed members of the rebel group.

• Israeli forces continue with intensified bombing of the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza and field operations over the last week. The Israeli army stationed its tanks in the Safatawi area and stormed the camp from the Abu Sharakh, and the Nazla areas.
• Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stated that the Palestinian people will not accept displacement from their land. About 100,000 more people have recently crowded into Rafah at the far southern end of Gaza, already the most densely populated part of the territory.
• Youssef Salama, a former minister of religious affairs in the Palestinian Authority, was killed in a strike on the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip on Sunday (31 December).
• Palestinians displaced inside Gaza have described cramped living conditions, sky-high prices for food, children going hungry and poor sanitation.


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