As per reports, the state government issued a resolution on Thursday (04 January) directing the completion of a survey within seven days to address the social and educational backwardness of the community. This move aims to prevent Maratha activist Manoj Jarange-Patil from entering Mumbai for his planned protest on 20 January, demanding Kunbi (OBC) status for Marathas.

• District collectors have been empowered to enlist available human resources, including local authorities like Talathis (Village Accountants), local police, and kotwals (local police chiefs), to assist enumerators in data collection across all communities in the open category.
• The government has appointed divisional commissioners at the divisional level, district collectors at district level and municipal commissioners at urban areas as the nodal officials for the survey.
• Balasaheb Sarate, the Maratha activist, stated that the government’s hurried actions are solely aimed at stopping Jarange-Patil from reaching Mumbai, rather than having the genuine intention of granting reservation to the Marathas.


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