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As per reports, following are the updates on the doctors’ protest in South Korea as on Tuesday (27 February):

A major rally is scheduled to be held in Seoul on Sunday (03 March), with doctors from across the country to protest the medical quota hike plan. This will be organised by the Korean Medical Association which is one of the biggest groups with nearly 140,000 members.

• Health Minister Cho Kyoo-hong has stated that trainee doctors would face legal punishment, including suspension of their licenses, unless they go back to work by Thursday (29 February) as the collective protest action by doctors continued for the eighth day.
• Cho further stated that authorities will conduct an on-site inspection at 50 hospitals by the end of this week to probe into work stoppages by trainee doctors.
• Admission delays at emergency rooms were reported across South Korea. On Monday (26 February), a cardiac arrest patient in her 80s died in an ambulance in Daejeon while emergency workers tried to find an ER that would admit her.
• Daejeon Fire Headquarters reported that there had been 23 cases of admission delays in the city during the past week. There were 42 cases of admission delays for emergency patients in Busan, with patients having to be admitted at hospitals in adjacent cities in six cases.
• As of Monday (26 February), 10,034 trainee doctors have submitted their resignation and 9,006 of them have walked out of their jobs before their resignations were accepted.
• The police have started an investigation into key officials of the Korea Medical Association (KMA) and leaders of the Korea Intern Resident Association (KIRA). Seoul police also stated that it will sternly crack down on any illegal acts during a large-scale rally of doctors scheduled for Sunday (03 March).


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