The Pune Traffic Police issued orders on Monday (01 July) announcing traffic diversions for the Sri Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi procession Sohla/Dindi. Anticipating heavy traffic congestion on Pune Solapur Road, a part of National Highway, Rohidas Pawar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Transport Branch, Pune City, has temporarily suspended traffic on Palkhi Marg and surrounding areas for all vehicles except essential service vehicles.

These diversion will be effective on Tuesday (02 July) and Wednesday (03 July).

• Road from Theur Phata to Theur village will be closed for traffic. As an alternative, traffic coming towards Solapur via Kharadi Bypass should be routed via Wagholi, Kesand, Lonikand and traffic coming from Kharadi Machine Chowk, Mantarwadi Phata should be routed via Bopdev Ghat.
• Roads including Kavadipad Toll Road, Loni Station, MIT Road, Lonigaon, Theur Phata, and Kunjeerwadi will be closed to traffic. Vehicles at these locations will be halted or allowed passage as required for transporting the palanquin until Sant Tukaram Maharaj’s procession exits Pune city limits.
• Additional restrictions include a 100-meter buffer on both sides of the departure route and other intersecting sub-roads to ensure safety and convenience for pilgrims.
• Parking of all vehicles is temporarily prohibited in the aformentioned areas.


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