According to reports, the motorway authority has implemented mitigation measures in response to the reduced visibility due to intense fog on Saturday (30 December).

• The M11 motorway, connecting Lahore to Sialkot, has been temporarily closed.
• Additionally, the fog-induced closures extend to motorway M3 from Faizpur to Sarandi and motorway M14 from Indus.
• The northbound traffic at the M5 Rahim Yar Khan interchange has been brought to a halt. The stretch of M4 motorway from Shershah Multan to Shamkot, as well as from Shamkot to Pindi Bhatian, is closed to heavy traffic.
• The sections of the M5 motorway from Sher Shah Multan to Zahirpir and the M3 from Faizpur Junction to Darkhana are temporarily shut.
• Traffic diversions have been implemented at the M2 and M3 motorway junctions.


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