As per reports, more than 25 areas of Bhopal will witness power cuts on Tuesday (25 June). The power company will stop the power supply due to maintenance. The areas which will face power cuts due to maintenance today include Sarvadharma, Shahpura, Basant Vihar, Hamidia Road, Bimakunj, Durga Nagar, Khanugaon and many other residential areas.

• 0800-1200 hours: Jhanda Chowk, Vijay Nagar, Bagh-e-Bahar, Khanugaon, Hamidia Road, Ashoka Colony, Durga Nagar Colony and surrounding areas.
• 0900-1300 hours: Shahpura-A Sector, Manisha Market, Basant Vihar, Amritpuri, Gopal Nagar, Sarvadharma-C Sector, Kanveri Colony, Nirmal Nagar, Vastu Vihar, Tagore Nagar, Radhakunj Colony, Bimakunj, JK Town and nearby areas.
• 1030-1300 hours: IBD, Shape Green, ISBT, 6 sheds and surrounding localities.


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