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As per reports, about 400000 customers have reported power outages in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont as of Friday (05 April) due to snowstorm.

The National Weather Service expected the storm to gradually weaken over the weekend, but the effects of it are still reported on Friday (05 April), with snow and rainfall were expected to continue; some areas expected to accumulate four to eight inches of snow.

• Power was slowly being restored across the region, with more than 280000 customers without power in Maine, over 100000 in New Hampshire, and about 15000 in Vermont.
• The snowstorm accumulated more than a foot of snow to much of the region, with York County in Maine reporting nearly 20 inches.
• Air travel was also disrupted, with over 400 flights within or to the US canceled on Thursday (04 April) afternoon and over 8500 flights delayed. By Friday (05 April) morning, the number of flight cancellations had risen to 500, with many affected flights in Boston, Massachusetts.


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