Protecting the HNIs (High Net Worth Individuals)

Wealth and fame come with their own set of challenges. The perception of threats to high net worth individuals (HNIs) is rising; so is the demand for comprehensive, protection programs designed and executed by professionals who understand threats, plug the vulnerabilities, and ensure robust security and peace of mind.

Executive Protection comprises two distinct words – understanding the executive (or principal) is essential to the success of the protection program.

Customized Executive Protection Program for HNIs and/or celebrities requires a sound understanding of their unique context, evolving threat environment, routines, domestic and overseas travel requirements, personal preferences, and lifestyles.

High-quality threat-vulnerability-risk assessment (in physical and logical domains), predictive risk intelligence, professional and meticulous operational planning (good fusion of people, process, and technology) with great attention to details, adequate resources, continuous support, and sound execution by trained, experienced, motivated, well-led, embedded, multi-disciplinary teams deployed 24×7 on site and/or during travel, are essential to the success of the program.

Deterrence (a function of credibility and capability), surveillance, liaison and coordination with relevant stakeholders, multi-layered physical and cyber protection arrangements respecting confidentiality, privacy and unique lifestyle, business, and family requirements, providing a feeling of security and peace of mind without any overt show of force, sound incident and crisis management capability (including crisis communications and public relations), continuous support and reassurance are essential elements of such programs.

MitKat Advisory has vast experience in designing, executing, finetuning and improving HNI and Executive Protection programs. To know more, please reach us at contact@mitkatadvisory.com

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