These days many flights lead to New Delhi. The City just hosted a successful B-20 meet. And the Nation, in high spirits post the lunar success, now prepares to host President Biden and other world leaders for the G-20 Summit and related events in New Delhi in under two weeks. VVIP security details and Executive Protection specialists are already thronging the capital city.

In light of the influx of industry leaders, political representatives, and diplomatic envoys converging upon India for the forthcoming G20 meeting and its associated precursor events, it is essential to recognize the potential for travel disruptions. India, a vast and dynamic democracy, can experience political upheavals at various levels, often resulting in transportation disruptions and other unforeseen incidents that may impede the seamless execution of such significant events. In these circumstances, it is prudent to rely on local guidance, local escorts, and local management to navigate any disruptions or unforeseen incidents that may impact the movement and safety of these dignitaries.

The Indian Government and authorities are leaving no stone unturned, as far as security is concerned – from declaring holidays to travel advisories and road closures. However, in abundant caution, it will be better to prepare (for protection of your executives and leaders) and prevent (any untoward incident) rather than repair and repent. While India is undeniably on an upward trajectory, localized disruptions to travel and security cannot be discounted. We have an in-house intelligence team diligently monitoring events and incidents unfolding across the nation 24*7, including emerging issues that might escalate into civil unrest. This invaluable intelligence is deeply integrated into our travel risk management and safety programs.

Beyond civil unrest, we also acknowledge the potential disruption caused by weather-related incidents, which can swiftly impact infrastructure and transportation networks. By being well-prepared and locally informed, we ensure the safety and security of all concerned parties in the face of unforeseen events and incidents.

Our team of highly experienced ex-military and former law enforcement close protection officers stand ready to establish a robust safety framework for all your esteemed travelers and international guests. We can also arrange various kind of vehicles and facilitation services. Our protection services are unobtrusive and subtle to give a sense of security and safety to your guests without attracting attention.

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