Affected Locations: United States


Multiple wildfires were reported across California over the weekend of 15th and 16th June. As of 17th June, eleven major wildfires are burning, each covering at least 10 acres. The fire near Los Angeles reported on 15th June, has already spread over 15,000 acres and forced 1,200 people to evacuate. Another wildfire in Sonoma County, reported on 16th June, has burned through more than 1,100 acres.


The cause of the fire near Los Angeles County is currently under investigation. Further, high temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds are complicating efforts to contain the fire. California’s peak wildfire season, from June to November, is in effect.

So What:

  • Evacuation orders have been issued in the areas of Hungry Valley Park, Pyramid Lake, Dry Creek Valley, Hesperia, and Healdsburg.
  • Thousands have received evacuation warnings as wildfires destroy multiple structures and injure at least one person.
  • The National Weather Service has issued a red-flag warning for the Interstate 05 corridor in northwest Los Angeles County due to high temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds. This warning extends from the Sacramento Valley to Santa Barbara County and Antelope Valley until 0800 hours PT on 18th June.
  • North Bay and Contra Costa counties have issued Spare the Air advisories. The air quality is unhealthy, especially for children, seniors, and those with respiratory or heart conditions. Wood burning is temporarily banned, and residents are advised to stay indoors and avoid smoke exposure.


The National Weather Service has stated that the high temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds are favourable conditions for the rapid growth and spread of wildfires. Meteorologists have predicted elevated fire concerns for the Sacramento Valley, San Joaquin Valley, the western Transverse Ranges, and the southern Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Residents in the Sacramento Valley have been advised to prepare in case of a fire outbreak, as strong winds and dry conditions are likely to continue until 18th June. Travel restrictions are likely near wildfire-impacted areas. Infrastructure damage can lead to utility service disruptions, and flights through the airspace above the wildfires may be affected by reduced visibility. Organizations are advised to remain abreast of the developing conditions and prepare necessary contingency plans.

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