Extreme flooding has been reported in Kenya due to heavy rainfall. The flooding has resulted in the death of at least 38 people, the displacement of more than 110,000 people, and significant infrastructural damage. The capital city of Nairobi is one of the worst-hit areas. Significant flooding has been reported along the Athi River and Thiba River.


The rainy season in Kenya occurs from March to May. The East African region has been receiving heavy rainfall in recent weeks due to the El Nino weather pattern exacerbating the seasonal rainfall. Meteorological agencies also suggest the role of climate change in exacerbating the weather patterns, leading to unpredictable and heavy rainfall.

So What:

  • Major highways have been submerged by floodwater, resulting in traffic disruptions across the country. The Kenya Urban Roads Authority has announced the partial closure of four roads – Aerodrome Road, Kapenguria Road, UN Avenue – Runda, Kasarani Mwiki Road at Mwiki Bridge in the capital on 24th April.
  • Kenyan Railways has announced temporary suspension of commuter train services nationwide.
  • There have been no reports regarding flight disruptions due to the flooding in Kenya.
  • Authorities are concerned regarding prolonged, large-scale crop loss due to the floods, likely to result in food security challenges.
  • The Kenya Meteorological Department has warned of increased rainfall and severe floods in the upcoming week. Heavy rain is also forecasted to continue in various parts of the country until May.
  • The Kenyan Meteorological Department has also issued a warning for potential landslides in Mt Kenya regions, Western Kenya, and the slopes of the Aberdare ranges.
  • The authorities in Kenya have warned residents living in areas likely to face landslides and lowlands prone to flash floods to move to safer lands.


The flooding in Kenya has resulted in significant loss of life and damage to infrastructure. The flooding is expected to continue as meteorological agencies have forecasted the continuation of heavy rainfall. Traffic disruptions are expected to continue, leading to disruptions in supply chain operations. Organizations are advised to stay updated on the situation and follow the advisories of the Kenyan authorities. Organizations can follow the official social media page of the Kenya Urban Road Authorities for updates on road closures (https://www.facebook.com/KURAroads/?ref=embed_page) and the website of the Kenya Meteorological Department (https://meteo.go.ke/) for weather updates.

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