Locations affected: United Kingdom


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that the national election in the United Kingdom will be conducted on 04th July. The current parliament will be dissolved on 30th May.


The elections in July will decide all 650 members of the House of Commons for a term of up to five years. The party with a majority in the House of Commons will form the next government, and the leader will be the next prime minister.

So What:

  • ·PM Rishi Sunak is expected to lead the Conservative Party, while Keir Starmer will be the primary opponent leading the Labour Party.
  • The voters will be able to cast their votes from 0700 hours to 1000 hours on polling day.
  • A public holiday has not been declared for polling day.
  • Election rallies and campaigns are expected to be conducted in the days leading to the elections.
  • Heightened security measures near government buildings and major transport hubs can be expected, along with traffic restrictions.


The government in the United Kingdom has been led by centre-right conservatives since 2010. The party has faced various problems recently, including high inflation, immigration, and healthcare issues. The Conservative Party is currently trailing behind the Labour Party in opinion polls. Some observers have also suggested that the Reform Party, formed by former Conservative party members, may siphon votes from the Conservatives. Parties like the Scottish National Party, Liberal Democrats, and the Democratic Unionist Party that have strong regional support are likely to be crucial in forming a coalition government in case an overall majority is not attained. Organizations are advised to remain updated on the situation and prepare necessary contingency plans.

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