As per reports, on Monday (01 January), roadway bus drivers, truck, auto and e-rickshaw drivers commenced a strike called by the All India Motor Transport Congress in parts of Uttarakhand against a new law pertaining to hit-and-run cases.

• In Haridwar, drivers of contracted buses in Bahadarabad parked their vehicles, and truck drivers obstructed the highway in the Roshnabad Sidcul area.
• In Roorkee, no buses were operational from after 0400 hours. while an altercation occurred between the regular vehicle drivers and the protesting drivers in Bhagwanpur.
• In Rishikesh, the operation of roadway buses came to a standstill while in the afternoon, roadways personnel also ceased the operation of private buses, exacerbating the situation.
• In Vikasnagar, the impact of the strike was evident in Pachhwadun and Jaunsar Bawar. In the morning hours, individuals were seen searching for rides and utility vehicles in Vikasnagar, Hubartpur, Sahaspur, and Selaqui. Bus operations on the Dakpathar-Dehradun route were entirely halted, affecting the daily operation of 75 buses on that route. While vehicles continued to operate on the rural routes of Chakrata and Tyuni areas, issues arose due to the absence of vehicle movement in the Kalsi area.
• Meanwhile, all drivers of Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Gas based in Thithola also carried out a strike over the same by blocking the road. Drivers reportedly stated that until the central government announces the repeal of the new law, they will not return to work.


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