Large-scale protests were reported in Budapest against PM Viktor Orban on 26 March. Peter Magyar, the former head of the Student Loan Center, has planned another demonstration at the Kossuth Square on 06 April.


The protests calling for the Prime Minister Orban and the chief prosecutor to step down are happening because a close aide of Orban is accused of trying to influence a corruption case. Peter Magyar, who used to work in the government, shared a recording of a conversation between him and his ex-wife, Judit Varga, who used to be the justice minister. In the recording, Varga talks about how aides of Orban’s top advisor, Antal Rogan, tried to meddle with the corruption investigation files.


The corruption case centers around the former justice minister state secretary, Pal Volner, who was accused in 2022 of taking bribes from the former head of the Court Bailiffs, Gyorgy Schadl. In February 2024, the government under Prime Minister Orban faced protests after it was revealed that a man convicted of covering up child sexual abuse at a state-run orphanage had been pardoned by the president. This sparked public outrage, resulting in the resignation of key allies of Orban, including the president and Judit Varga.

So What:

  • Large-scale demonstration is likely at the Kossuth Square on 06 April. Localized demonstrations can also be anticipated in provincial towns, as Peter Magyar has called for his followers to protest in the countryside as well.
  • Heightened security measures can be expected near Kossuth Square, Marko Street, government buildings, and PM Orban’s residence.
  • Transport disruptions and delays can be expected due to crowding of protestors on roads.
  • Clashes between demonstrators and authorities cannot be ruled out.


The corruption allegations and ongoing protests are occurring just before the European parliamentary elections set for June and could affect the stability of the government. With investigations into the corruption claims ongoing, demonstrations against the government are expected to persist. Organizations are advised to stay informed about the protests and potential travel disruptions, and to prepare mitigation plans accordingly.

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