Delhi, Gurugram, India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to inaugurate the Gurugram section of the Dwarka Expressway on 11 March following a roadshow that will begin in Delhi. PM Modi will address a rally in Sector 84 of Gurugram after the inauguration.


PM Modi’s visit to Gurugram is scheduled to inaugurate the Dwarka Expressway, which is expected to enhance connectivity between Gurugram and Delhi.

So What:

  • 50,000 people from Gurugram, Rewari, and Jhajjar are expected to attend the rally.
  • The roadshow is planned to reach Gurugram from Bajghera through the Dwarka Expressway.
  • No traffic diversions are issued as the roadshow will involve the Delhi-Gurugram expressway. Traffic disruptions can be expected near the Delhi-Gurugram borders and Sector 84.
  • Heightened security measures are anticipated in Delhi and Gurugram.


The roadshow on 11 March is likely to cause localized disruptions in Delhi and Gurugram. The inauguration of the Dwarka expressway will improve connectivity between important areas such as Harsaru, Pataudi Road, Farrukhnagar, and Sector 88(B). The expressway will link several sectors in Gurugram, like sectors 83, 84, 88, 99, and 113, and the proposed Global City with Dwarka Sector 21 and IGI airport. Organizations are advised to stay updated about traffic restrictions and security measures.

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