A national general strike of workers from public and private categories has been announced on 08 March. The mobilization has been proclaimed by various Italian trade unions, including Flc CGIL, Slai Cobas, Adl Cobas, Cobas Usb, Cobas Sub, Osp Faisa Cisal, Usi Cit, Clap, Si Cobas, Cub Trasporti, Uitrasporti, Usi 1912, Flaei Cisl and Uiltec Uil.


The strike has been planned for various reasons, including the observation of International Women’s Day, to request for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine, and the renewal of the demand to stop sending weapons to Ukraine.

So What:

  • The strike is expected to affect most public and private services, including schools, universities, and non-emergency healthcare services.
  • After the intervention of the strike guarantee commission, Slai Cobas will be the only transport union joining the strike.
  • The strike will be joined by rail workers of Trenord, Trenitalia, Trenitalia Tper, and FS Group, leading to disruptions and delays in train transport. The disruption to rail transport is expected from 0000 hours to 2100 hours.
  • Minimum transport services will run during the strike, i.e., 0600 hours to 0900 hours and 1800 hours to 2100 hours.
  • No disruptions are likely to local public transportation under Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM).
  • Overcrowding of trains can be expected due to a reduction in regular services.
  • Demonstrations by participating trade unions cannot be ruled out.


The general strike on 08 March in Italy is likely to cause localized disruptions in various participating sectors across Italy. Organizations are advised to remain updated on the strike notices and train schedules and prepare appropriate contingency plans.

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